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The Client Cocktail is here.

Ready to call in magazine worthy weddings? The *secret* formula for wedding pros who want to book high-end clients in the wedding industry is here! This client attraction formula for wedding planners, photographers, and industry creatives will have you upgrading your wedding couples in no time.

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Doing business (and cocktail hour) alone isn't any fun. Learn more about my high-touch group coaching program for wedding pros who want to scale and grow their business.

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I'm Candice, your new tell-it-like-it-is BFF (and purpose cheerleader).

I'm Candice: former owner of Jubilee Events, 2x published author, podcast host, and your guide to a building the kind of business you want.

I've been mentoring creative entrepreneurs for over 8 years, mostly while I was growing my renowned wedding planning & design company.

In 2019, I sold my 6-figure business so I could help you build the kind of business that you want.

Purpose changed my life—I know first hand how powerful it is. I'm on a mission to help women discover their gifts, build businesses around their talents, and live each day on purpose.

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My free business plan outline + guide gets you past the blinking cursor and onto creating a strategy for your dream business.

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You just found your weekly dose of why.

Get ready to grow your business with intention, one episode at a time. Join me every Tuesday to have a conversation about marketing, mindset, or money on The Power in Purpose Podcast.

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Each week, we explore how to build a profitable business with purpose—and the stories behind successful entrepreneurs who have. Get ready to dig in and have meaningful conversations about business and life, as we explore the strategies and techniques that build the kind of business you want. 

I believe entrepreneurs who lead with their purpose are more successful, less likely to burn out, and deeply connected to why they do what they do.