Get extra support and guidance in your business

Your 90-minute clarity call is personalized based on what you need help with now. Consider it that extra step forward to get clear on what you should do next.

The investment for a 90-minute Clarity Call is $395


A 90 minute focus call helps to explore your business, get you clarity on where to go next and solutions to your problems. Prior to the call, I'll ask that you send over all materials in reference to your call so I can review at length. 

clarity call with candice coppola


Here's what is included in your 90-Minute Clarity Call

Pre-call review of any materials you'd like me to go over, such as your biz plan, pricing sheets, sales decks, branding, etc.

A 90-minute, 1-on-1 Zoom mentorship meeting between the two of us. I will help you solve problems and offer solutions. We can brainstorm new ways forward + ideas. You'll leave the call with complete clarity on what to do next.

A copy of the call recording, to reference back anytime.

A personalized call digest with my notes, suggestions and your action items.