I know you've been working hard on your biz and you're ready to do more. You're determined to build a profitable business with purpose—a business that makes an impact in this world and supports your meaningful life.  

My education programs are created to give you all the short cuts and secrets on how to build a profitable business with purpose.  

Get ready to have the business that you've                    wanted.

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It's time to build the wedding business you want.

The fastest way to reach your goals is to work with someone who’s been where you want to go.

I've had the privilege of mentoring dozens of business owners, helping them achieve their own versions of success.

Group Coaching

gimmie that glow-up

My 12 month, high-impact group coaching mastermind is for wedding pros who are looking to take bold action. But this isn't just any coaching program—it has all the tools you need to build a profitable biz with purpose.

I believe you don't have to do business alone, and with WeddingPro Insiders, you don't have to.

Ready for your wedding business glow-up?

You + me + a community of like-minded, goal-oriented women driving your business to its highest limits.


You're ready to stop playing small and want to grow your business with like-minded women.

The Client Cocktail

i wanna upgrade my clients

Yeah. We went there.

Listen, I want you to stop booking clients who are broke and don't value your work. Instead, I want you to upgrade your clients and call in magazine worthy couples using my *secret* formula.

Inside The Client Cocktail, I teach you how to attract, sell, and serve high-end wedding couples using my signature method. This client attraction formula has worked for hundreds of wedding pros–and now it's available to you.

Stop booking shitty clients and start calling in magazine worthy weddings.


You're not attracting the right clients and you're ready to upgrade to dreamy customers.

The Planner's Playbook

yup, that's what i need

Ready to kick your wedding planning biz up a notch? The Planner's Playbook is my coaching program for wedding planners that are five years or less in their business.

This is your secret weapon to planning, designing, and coordinating magazine worthy weddings. 

You're a wedding planner who wants to sharpen your skills and learn how to plan, design, and coordinate magazine-worthy weddings.


You're a wedding planner who wants to plan, design, and coordinate high-end weddings

You're One Step Away From Real Results

"I've been able to take home profit every quarter...

I struggled with determining how to zero in on attracting my ideal clients. I had recently gone through a rebrand but couldn’t seem to find clients who valued wedding cakes. I also had a hard time being profitable after years of being in business.  I've now been able to take home profit every quarter, book my highest paying clients, and implement strategies to spend more time with my family.


taking home profit every quarter

"Candice is quite literally the perfect balance of compassionate human-being paired with mega talented entrepreneur. 

It's been worth every penny to have her by my side as my "ace in the hole" - take my word for it. Candice benefited my career immensely and I am certain she'd do the same for you.


exceeded her booking goals

"I have uncovered my true purpose, whereas before I was playing it small and was afraid to dream bigger

As a result of the work I've done with you, I've started attracting the very people I want to work with almost overnight. I have a much clearer idea of where I want to go and how I'm going to get there.


booking her dreamy clients

Who do I work with?

from planners to photographers, stationery designers to florists, bloggers to service providers and everyone in between.

wedding pros

in their business, whether you're just starting out, have some experience under your belt, or you're an OG who is ready to shake things up

at any stage

build the kind of business they want by taking action in their business (no slackers here!).

who are ready to

Ready to build a profitable business with purpose?

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You shouldn't have to do business alone. Learn more about all the ways I can help you grow and scale your business–starting today.

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