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i help entrepreneurs like you build a profitable business with purpose

struggling to write your business plan?

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download my free business plan outline + guide

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It’s great to meet you! I am a wedding industry business coach and mentor. I’m excited to learn more about your business, and how we can, together, build you a profitable business with purpose. I’ve been mentoring small business owners in the wedding industry like you for over 5 years.

Lets work together to uncover your purpose, achieve your goals, fix your challenges and monetize your business so you can make a profit and stand out from your competition.


wedding planner/designer,
published author & small biz coach


Purpose is powerful, y'all. It's what drives us everyday to do the work that we do and serve our clients and team well. If you're struggling in business right now-- I want you to ask yourself this question:

imagine waking up every morning driven by your purpose, serving the type of clients who value your work.

finding your purpose

why do you do what you do?

It's not an easy question to answer by most entrepreneurs and I believe it's where most problems in business stem from. If you're struggling on business strategy, marketing, team building, sales -- aka ALL.THE.THINGS -- than it's likely you haven't connected with your purpose. But there's no need to fret-- you've come to the right place.

learn more about how i can help you uncover your purpose ⟶

imagine waking up every morning driven by your purpose, serving the type of clients who value your work.

My Purpose is to help entrepreneurs like you have the same level of success I've been so fortunate enough to have.


I'm on a mission to share the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs in creative industries who've found their purpose. The Power in Purpose Podcast explores these journeys. 



the power in purpose

the power in purpose

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a prospective client didn't hire you

Are you struggling recently with a client who "went in another direction?" It's hard when someone doesn't hire us-- but I'm sharing with you why it's actually a good thing.

why it's a good thing

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Adding a variety of revenue streams to make your business profitable sounds like a good idea-- but it can actually hurt your business. Learn more about why you can't do all.the.things.

you can't do

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Are you like me, in that, when it comes time to write your goals you struggle? You have goals in your head, you can almost see the big picture, but you get distracted, overwhelmed and end up not finishing what you started? 

5 reasons why your goals fail

better goal setting

business advice, tips and strategies

business advice, tips and strategies

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I honestly think I would have given up if I hadn't started working with you. You are very good at cutting through the crap, discovering the root of the issue at hand, and finding the light at the end of the tunnel. I am very grateful for and optimistic about this new chapter....all of which is hugely in part due to your efforts of building me back up and helping me find my purpose again!

"Thanks for all of your guidance, assistance, motivation, and most of all your support!"


— MAGGIE, WEDDING PLANNER & entrepreneur

Sometimes, I find myself wondering, ‘What would Candice do?’ I want to thank you for telling me to just do shit from my soul and let people get to know me and come to their own conclusions..... I feel like the girl I used to be back in 2010 when I first started this company; wide eyed, eager and excited for all the possibilities whatever they may be. 

"I want to thank you, whole-heartedly, for being a voice of reason in my head."


— brynne, WEDDING PLANNER & entrepreneur

During my mentorship, we thoroughly discussed goals, branding, SEO and many other concepts I had never really understood or put pen to paper on. She assisted me in developing my ideal client and an extensive business plan. This living document drives all of my business decisions. I know the investment in this mentorship more than paid off—not only financially, but the time and work put in as well. I highly recommend Candice; her expertise in the wedding planning industry and the care she gives her mentees is astounding.

"Reaching out to Candice was the best business decision I have ever made."


Struggling to write your business plan? My free outline gives you the extra push to get it done!

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