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I switched email marketing platforms because I was sick and tired of sending drab, ugly looking emails to my email list.

It all started a few months before, when someone sent me an email that was powered by Flodesk. I was immediately clicking links and engaging with their content. For someone like me who gets 30+ marketing emails a day–that said a lot about the power of visual branding.

I knew that if it had that effect on me, it would have the same for my customers. So I moved my entire email marketing system over to Flodesk and I couldn't be happier!

Because Flodesk makes it so easy to build powerful, beautiful emails, I find myself emailing my list A LOT more.

Email Marketing Just got a little prettier (and more conversions)

A universal rule of sales is that the eye buys. Flodesk makes selling using email marketing as easy and pretty as pie.

so, why flodesk?

Sick and tired of paying MORE money as your list grows? Unlike competitors, Flodesk doesn’t penalize you for growing your list. Whether you’re looking to start a small newsletter or build an email marketing empire, you pay the same monthly price. 


One monthly price, unlimited subscribers

Creative freedom with drag & drop builder

For the first time ever in email marketing, you can use custom fonts and image collages. Yes please! I like my marketing on-brand.

Plus, Flodesk makes it look like you have an entire marketing team crafting and coding your every email. It puts the power of a professional designer in your pocket. Their click and drag email builder makes it easier than ever to create beautifully branded
emails (no coding required).

You can forget about all the stress that comes from tagging. No more duplicate tags or thinking about it too late—Flodesk does all of the tagging for you! You can see which of your subscribers are most engaged, what they signed up for, what they clicked on, there’s tons of data automatically captured for you. And you have full segmentation capabilities!

No more tag confusion