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interested in a mentorship?

Yes! All mentees are given free access to anything in the shop— and can receive discounts on a variety of tools I use with my affiliate code.

do you offer any discounts or freebies to your mentees?

Mentorship Portal: Our communication management system allows us to work together in an organized space to propel your business forward. The mentorship portal has valuable tools to keep us on track, such as business idea generation and progress tracking, goal setting, marketing strategy with reports on progress, obstacle identification and much more. We can even track your current clients, create financial projections and keep tabs on your leads (and where they’re coming from!). Our mentorship portal is more than just a place to communicate– it’s a valuable tool to keep your business organized and profitable.

Weekly Chats: We touch base each week either by phone or an “in-person” virtual meeting to discuss current strategies, problems you are facing, ideas we are working on, client issues and so much more. These weekly meetings keep us on the course to achieving your business goals.

how do we work together?

what is the mentorship process like?

The process begins with an extensive questionnaire and business examination, learning about your current business structure, clientèle, goals, and annual revenue. We’ll delve deep into your level of growth and determine unique ways for you to achieve your goals, expand your business, generate revenue, and enhance your client experience. Mentorships last anywhere from 6 months to 1 year depending on the type of mentorship and how quickly you are able to do the work.

how many people do you mentor at a time?

I work with a limited number of mentees at a time– to ensure that the support given to each is what’s promised. If I do not have any spots available, there will be a waitlist on the contact page!